Saturday, January 14, 2012

Welcome to 2012...the end of the World! Seriously guys?

First post of 2012, and the first one in many many months. Free moments to purge my thoughts have been few and far between. We have moved back to the United States and now have a little girl on the way!

2012 is an enormous year for pop culture and general geekery. March fires everything up with John Carter from Disney and The Hunger Games from Summit Entertainment. The summer brings The Avengers film from Marvel and The Dark Knight Rises from Warner Brothers. The end of the year comes to an amazing climax with the first film in the two part adaptation of the Hobbit.

While I fully anticipate at least four of the five films to be massive hits, I think Dark Knight Rises might be the film with the most to lose. Odd considering that it is the finale of an insanely successful franchise. I feel this way because the expectations for this film coming off of The Dark Knight and it's astonishing performance have become almost unreasonable. Even if The Dark Knight Rises is great, it may still be a failure in certain respects because it did not capture the zeitgeist in the same fashion as it's predecessor. It is easily the most anticipated film of the year. As such, any backlash it faces will be swift and loud. I think Christopher Nolan will ace this one, but when your perch is the top of the mountain, any fall is magnified by it's sheer height.

John Carter is definitely the one with the most to gain. Disney can launch a franchise from this one and the early buzz, as footage is completed and test screenings go up, is gaining positive momentum. As I blogged over a year and half ago, I have a soft spot for this franchise and am desperate to see it do well. The climb is most certainly an uphill one, but the reward could be tremendous. My only other spot of bother is that Carter's success could be greatly hampered by The Hunger Games opening a mere two weeks later.

2012 should be fairly amazing for so many , many reasons.